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Daleks identify New York's tallest building energy plasmaball

Daleks in Manhattan (2007)

Part 1 of 2, continued with Evolution Of The Daleks

        Daleks in Manhattan          (click twice to play videos)        with a human traitor

3rd Season Episode
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Fear Factor: 4 (Chilling)

"How scary is Doctor Who? Our BBC brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute guide to Daleks In Manhattan."
Amy (6)
Harry (8)
Samuel (10)
Adam (14)
It's nearly Showtime! As the titles roll, Samuel says gleefully: "Here we go... Daleks!"
(1) Harry's alert to a danger in the shadows "What was that?"
(2) "What's that in the background?" worries Adam. It's a Pigman! Amy's reaction is surprising "A piggy! I like piggies!" Samuel agrees. He and Adam make snorting pig noises, to everyone's annoyance. Adam's amused by one of the figures in the theatre: "Captain Jack!" "Where?" asks Samuel. "There," laughs Adam, pointing at a pirate, "Captain Jack Sparrow!"
(3) "It's Julius Caesar!" shouts Harry (mistakenly) as the Statue of Liberty is seen.Martha says, "I have always wanted to visit New York," and that is "the Statue of Liberty"

(4) Martha's working out that she's about 80 years in her own past. "Hey, does that mean she's from the year 2010?" asks Adam. Samuel does some mental arithmetic: "Nearly."

(5) Hooverville. Amy examines the screen intently for signs of vacuum cleaner monsters. "That looks medieval," thinks Adam. "Nice medieval bike," jokes Samuel.

(6) The wisdom of Solomon. "What a speech!" says Samuel admiringly. The Hooverville inhabitants can't understand how they can struggle while there's enough money and will to construct the Empire State Building. "There's a point," ponders Samuel.

(8) Union trouble. Harry's concerned "I don't think he should be saying that..." "He's a bit stressy," Samuel explains.

(9) Daleks! Samuel: "Ohhhhh!" Harry's triumphant: "Thought so!" And more Pigmen. "Piggy piggy!" Amy shouts delightedly. "They're baddies" advises Dad. Amy disagrees and shakes her head fiercely. "We're pigs... and we're 'ard!" growls Samuel delightedly.

(12) In the sewers "I bet there are pigs down here!" guesses Harry. The boys laugh as Martha says she might kill the Doctor for getting her into this.

(13) A glowing green blob in the tunnels. Samuel and Harry have been watching some of the Classic Series recently. "Is it a Dalek?" asks Samuel. "No, it's like The Green Death!" remembers Harry. "Or it's alien pig poo!" Adam and Samuel aren't worried: "Poke it! Poke it!" they yell. But when the Doctor picks it up: "Euuurrggh!"

(15) Those 'mast panels' look familiar. "Hold on," mutters Samuel, "what do Daleks want those for?" Harry knows what Diagoras is after: "He wants to make a picture of a Dalek!"

(16) "If you don't work..." threatens Diagoras. "... you will be exterminated!" concludes Samuel triumphantly." Those panels look heavy. "Coo," notices Samuel, "I didn't know it had bumps on both sides!" He ponders whether this makes it uncomfortable for Daleks to have lumpy insides.

(18) "More Daleks!" Harry realises the implications as Mr Diagoras is led into the lift. "You're going to meet Mr Sec!" "Yes," cheers Samuel, "the Cult of Skaro," and then proceeds to name them all from last series.

(19) Sec's in the City! The Dalek leader introduces itself. "Told you so!" gloat the boys. "Cool!" grins Samuel. "We get to see the basement!"

(21) Amy pouts, feeling sorry for the poor, sad piggy. "Well, the pigs like him," observes Adam. "Oh, that's what they are... slaves!" whispers Samuel sadly. "Hey, wait a minute... didn't the Slitheen use a pig?"

(22) More Pigmen! "Run!" It's edge of seat stuff! The kids cheer and laugh with delight. "What a lot of corridors," notes Adam. Samuel spots a danger though: "Frank won't make it!" he yells

(23) True enough, they've grabbed poor Frank! Amy's sure he'll be fine, but Harry bites his nails. And then...

(24) Harry points to the screen. More danger! "Someone's got a gun!"

(26) Tallulah remembers Laszlo. "...just a single Rosebud"

(27) The Doctor produces the alien pig poo again. "Where did he keep that?" asks Dad. "In his pocket," says Samuel. "It must be bigger on the inside," Adam concludes.

(28) "I let 'em take Frank because I was just so scared," confesses Solomon. "I don't blame you," Samuel tells him.

(29) The kids like it when Tallulah talks about "the hot potato in the sharp suit," but they are puzzled by their parents' laughter when she adds: "He's into musical theatre? What a waste." Samuel says: "She sounds like Joey's sister from Friends." Adam laughs: "How you doin'?" he grins.

(30) Harry smiles as he realises it's another old enemy: "Dalek They!" "Oooh" explaims Samuel as he realises the Daleks are making sacrifices.

(31) Sec absorbs Diagoras! The whole family are united in shock and disgust "Urrrrgh!" After a moment, Adam suggests: "It's hungry, isn't it?"

(32) It's Showtime! "Wow!" murmurs Dad, appreciatively.

(33) There's something watching from the wings. Amy's unsure: "Is that a piggy or not?"

(36) There's a Dalek in the sewers! "Do I look like I'm kidding?" asks the Doctor. The boys shake their heads. It's getting tense, and Amy decides to distract herself with some drawing.

(37) Sec is failing! "Steamy!" notes Harry. "I see they don't have a no-smoking policy," says Dad. "I don't think the Daleks are big on company rules," Mum tells him.

(39) Amy feels very sorry for poor, piggy Lazlo. "Why me?" Tallulah wants to know. "Tell her! Tell her!" Samuel yells at Lazlo. "Who are you?" asks Tallulah. "Turn the light on!" Samuel shouts at the screen, exasperated. Mum is puzzled: "Wouldn't she recognise her true love from the back of his head?"

She looks at the back of Dad's head experimentally. "Not with those ears," explains Adam. Tallulah's finally worked it out. "Do you think he's going to kiss her now?" ponders Samuel. "Not with that snout," concludes Adam brutally.

(40) "Dalekanium!" whispers Samuel. "That's what it is!"

(41) "I've not seen a sucker do that before!" notes Harry, as the Dalek scans for intelligence.

(43) Harry's wide eyed, clutching his seat, and is willing the Doctor to stay hidden. "They haven't spotted him yet"

(44) Evolution of the Daleks! "Oh, this is gonna be gooooood!" grins Samuel. "Are they really lumpy on the inside...? Woah! Awesome!" Amy: "Urrrrgh!" Harry: "Arrrrgh!" Dad: "Ewwww!" Adam makes a strange gurgling noise as the squid-headed monster lurches towards our heroes.

(45) As the credits roll, Adam ponders: "They can't all be like that, can they? They'd only be able to make four of them, and sacrifice a Dalek each time." He's starts to speculate on what could happen next. "Wait and see, next week" suggests Dad. "I'm not sure I can," splutters Adam, excitedly.

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